Friday, May 7, 2010


On the Trail of the Saucer Spies covers one of the most enigmatic aspects of the whole UFO controversy - namely, that of the mysterious Men in Black, who reportedly terrorize into silence both UFO witnesses and UFO investigators. Well, they haven't got me yet!

Here's the link to the publisher's page on the book.

On the Trail of the Saucer Spies does not attempt to answer in detail the complex questions of what UFOs are, where they are from, or why there are here—there are countless titles available that focus upon these controversial issues.

Rather, it resolves the seldom-addressed questions of precisely why and how the official world is keeping a close watch on those individuals who engage in UFO research, or who are witnesses to UFO activity.

The truth-is-weirder-than-fiction examples recounted in these pages span more than half a century, and include all of the staple ingredients of the most controversial aspects of the UFO puzzle: crashed flying saucers, alien bodies held in cryogenic storage, black helicopters, crop circles, alien abductions (by alleged aliens and by
elements of the military), underground bases, animal mutilations, Government-sponsored disinformation campaigns, and even the exploits of the nefarious Men in Black.

As will become apparent, however, the full story also incorporates issues and organizations that—at first glance, at least—would appear to be totally unrelated to the UFO mystery. Ultra-fascist political organizations, the Irish Republican Army, communist-based groups, animal rights activists, computer hackers, Chinese Military Intelligence, and the North Korean Government ultimately prove to be pivotal to both understanding and unravelling the full picture of why a number of Governments take such a deep interest in the activities of those who look skyward.

Caveat lector: keep a close watch over your shoulder. “They” may be watching you,too.

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