Friday, May 7, 2010



Sexual Deviants, Nazi Spies, Dangerous Loners, Communists, Drug Addicts, Traitors, And Monsters.

This is Hollywood Declassified.

It’s tough being rich and famous-stalked, photographed, hounded, and dissected. But obsessive celebrity watching has lurid history that began long before tabloid shutterbugs took their first shot. Here for the first time are the recently declassified celebrity files of the FBI, and CIA, and the military, giving the private dirt on the most “suspect, dangerous and immoral” public figures in the world-from George Burns to Andy Warhol.

EXPOSED! The panty parties and massive porn stash of comedian Lou Costello.

EXPOSED! Ernest Hemingway enlisted as a spy on behalf of the American Embassy.

EXPOSED! The sexual drives of our youth aroused beyond normalcy by Elvis Presley.

EXPOSED! Hollywood Honey Marilyn Monroe had shocking ties to Soviet Russia.

EXPOSED! Mysterious death of Princess Di a threat to national security.

What were the motivating factors behind the spying, the suspicions, and the accusations? What did those motivations actually reveal about the military, the CIA, the FBI, and the mood of the country? The answers make for a startling, insightful, astonishing, outrageous, sometimes shocking, and always controversial peek into the most secret of loves.

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