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In Ken Gerhard's and Nick Redfern's Monsters of Texas, you will learn a great deal about countless bizarre critters, including the following:

• Giant winged-things: feathered batmen, huge birds, pterodactyl-like beasts, and glowing-eyed gargoyle-style entities that haunt the Texas-Mexico border;

• Texas’ very own version of Puerto Rico’s infamous vampire-like monster, the Chupacabras;

• Blood-thirsty, predatory werewolves said roaming the wilds of Texas by the eerie light of a full moon;

• Texan equivalents of the famous Loch Ness Monster of Scotland: water-based beasts of unknown origin and identity that occasionally surface from the murky depths;

• The legend of the hairy wild-man, and wild-woman, of the Navidad that struck terror into the minds and souls of the people of the area way back in the 1800s;

• Encounters of the distinctly Bigfoot kind in central and east Texas; as well as in the state’s legendary and mysterious Big Thicket woods;

• Out-of-place animals: those creatures that are found within the Lone Star State, yet that have apparently strayed – sometimes inexplicably so - far away from their normal habitats;

• Those truly ominous beasts that may be far less than flesh-and-blood in nature, and far more paranormal and supernatural in origin;

The diabolical, cloven-hoofed Goat-Men that haunt the dark woods of Lake Worth, the old Alton Bridge at Denton, and Dallas’ White Rock Lake.

Monsters of Texas will be published by CFZ Press in the next few weeks.


Of Science Fiction Secrets, the publisher - Anomalist Books - says:

Mix two parts science fiction with one part high-level government secrecy.

Add a liberal helping of the paranormal.

Then let Nick Redfern heat and serve.

The result is far, far stranger than anything that you could ever begin to imagine.

SCIENCE FICTION SECRETS presents some mind-bending answers to a number of highly intriguing and thought-provoking questions, including:

-- Did the U.S. Government secretly assist Steven Spielberg in the production of his groundbreaking science fiction movies "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial"?

-- Why were special agents of the FBI so deeply interested in the life, career, and activities of science fiction author Philip K. Dick (of "Blade Runner" fame)?

-- How did "The X-Files" spin-off series "The Lone Gunmen" anticipate months in advance the terrible tragedy of 9-11?

-- Why was the top brass of the U.S. Air Force so secretly interested in, and concerned by, the UFO-related tales of a relatively anonymous 1950s science fiction movie-maker who died in poverty in the early 1980s?

-- Did a nightmarish scenario presented in one of H.G. Wells' novels prompt Soviet Premier Josef Stalin to clandestinely embark upon a secret and diabolical experiment designed to create a super race of monstrous, half-human half-ape soldiers?

-- Has the military managed to successfully perfect human teleportation of the type that was most graphically and famously shown in "Star Trek" and "The Fly"?


The Contactees were an unusual, eccentric, but also engaging bunch of characters who claimed face-to-face encounters with eerily human-looking aliens from the 1950s onwards. Were they telling the truth? Were they crazy? Might they have been working for the Government, as part of a secret plan to make the UFO subject look ridiculous? Could some of them have been secretly spying for Russia? These are just a few of the questions asked, and answered in Contactees.

The publisher's page on Contactees is just a click away!

And as the publisher - New Page Books - We are not alone...and Nick Redfern can prove it.

Contactees contains the fascinating stories of the select group of people chosen by visitors to Earth to spread their message. Are aliens really among us? Don’t be too quick to dismiss their claims.Truman Bethurum was divorced by his wife because she believed he was having close encounters of a very personal kind with a beautiful extraterrestrial “space captain” named Aura Rhanes. Is he nuts? Prescient? An omen?

A band of eerily human-looking, blond-haired aliens—later known as the Space-Brothers—informed other contactees that they were concerned by our warlike ways and wished us to live in peace with one another. Acting on the advice of the Space-Brothers, contactees such as George Van Tassel and George Adamski went out and spread the extraterrestrial word to anyone and everyone who would listen. And many did, including U.S. government agencies.

More than half a century later, the contactees are still among us, still telling their tales of personal alien encounters, and still maintaining their cult-like status in the world of UFOlogy. Nick Redfern’s Contactees relates their thought-provoking, lluminating, controversial, and sometimes bizarre stories in all their appropriately out-of-this-world glory.


An Anglo-American trek in search of paranormal beasts, Bigfoot, werewolves, giant insects, flying monsters and more, There's Something in the Woods is a study of the diabolical creatures that lurk in the forests and the shadows - and, about which, you can learn much more right here.

The publisher - Anomalist Books - says:

Bigfoot? Check.

Phantom black dogs? Check.

Werewolves? Check.

Giant mystery birds? They’re here, too.

Toss in some haunted woods, spooky cemeteries, crop circles, and crashed UFOs and you’ve got Nick Redfern’s latest road trip across two continents for all things cryptozoological or otherwise mysterious. This is the third in a series of excursions into the occult fringe for the indefatigable Redfern.

It all started with Three Men Seeking Monsters, which Booklist called “lively and entertaining,” and was followed by Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, which his colleagues have called “wild and wooly” and “fascinating.”

Now, in this latest volume, Redfern defies all the laws of self-preservation and offers himself as bait in the face of the unknown – to learn, if indeed, There’s Something in the Woods.


Memoirs of a Monster Hunter chronicles my creature-seeking expeditions in the period 2001 to 2005, and includes chapters on (A) my various expeditions to Puerto Rico in search of the Chupacabras; (B) my quest to solve the riddle of the Texas Goat-Man; (C) investigations of werewolves, gargoyles and lake-monsters; and (D) the ghosts of Roswell!

Here's the link to the publisher's (New Page Books) page on the book.

And also from the publisher is the following on Memoirs of a Monster Hunter:

“This is one of the best books I’ve read in years. Redfern sweeps you away on
his personal adventure. Around the world, from romance, to ghastly beasts, to
the cosmos, Redfern has candidly shared the wonders of his young life."
—Joshua P. Warren, author of Pet Ghosts and How to Hunt Ghosts.

For centuries, people across the world have had a fascination with monsters and
strange creatures. They marvel at the tales and legends of the Bigfoot of the
Pacific Northwest; of the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas; of the
infamous and diabolical Moth-Man of West Virginia; of fire-breathing dragons;
and of those dark denizens of the deep: lake monsters and sea serpents. But do
such creatures really exist? Can it be true that our planet is home to fantastic
beasts that lurk deep within its forests and waters? Memoirs of a Monster Hunter
proves the answer is a resounding yes!

In this follow-up to his wildly successful Three Men Chasing Monsters,
paranormal investigator and author Nick Redfern chronicles his surreal road-trip
through the United States and beyond in search of all-things monstrous. His
strange adventures lasted five years and saw him doggedly pursuing a
menagerie of creatures, including gargoyles, giant birds, and what some believe
are living dinosaurs.

Follow Redfern as he:

• Explores the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico in search of the terrifying
Chupacabras: a razor-clawed, glowing-eyed beast that is part giant bat and
part vampire.
• Seeks out the Goat Man: a menacing creature that evokes imagery of both
demons and the fabled cloven-hoofed Centaurs of ancient mythology, and is
said to inhabit the forests of East Texas.
• Chases after what many people believe are real-life, flesh-and-blood
werewolves that surface from hidden lairs and prowl the countryside when the
Moon is full.

Part X-Files, part Crocodile Hunter with a mix of Jurassic Park and Fear and
Loathing in Las Vegas, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter takes you on a
roller-coaster ride into the unknown. Read personal accounts of the monsters
that inhabit your wildest imagination and your worst nightmares. The creatures
you were told couldn’t possibly exist, really do.


Whenever there's a discussion of giant, hairy man-beasts, everyone immediately thinks of the Bigfoot of the Pacific northwest and the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas. However, it's a little-know fact that Britain has a rich history of encounters with such beasts, too.

And one of the most famous is a creature said to haunt a certain stretch of old, tree-shrouded canal in central England. Its name is the Man-Monkey, and it became the subject of a full-length book from me in 2007 titled Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot.

And here's where you can find out more about the glowing-eyed monster...

From the publisher, CFZ Press:

In her 1883 book, Shropshire Folklore, Charlotte S. Burne wrote: 'A very weird story of an encounter with an animal ghost arose of late years within my knowledge. On the 21st of January 1879, a labouring man was employed to take a cart of luggage from Ranton in Staffordshire to Woodcock, beyond Newport in Shropshire, for the ease of a party of visitors who were going from one house to another.

He was late in coming back; his horse was tired, and could only crawl along at a foot's pace, so that it was ten o'clock at night when he arrived at the place where the highroad crosses the Birmingham and Liverpool canal. 'Just before he reached the canal bridge, a strange black creature with great white eyes sprang out of the plantation by the roadside and alighted on his horse's back.

He tried to push it off with his whip, but to his horror the whip went through the thing, and he dropped it on the ground in fright.' The creature duly became known to superstitious and frightened locals as the Man-Monkey.

Between 1986 and early 2001, Nick Redfern delved deeply into the mystery of the strange creature of that dark stretch of canal. Now,published for the very first time, are Nick's original interview notes, his files and discoveries; as well as his theories pertaining to what lies at the heart of this diabolical legend.

Is Britain really home to a Bigfoot-style entity? Does the creature have supernatural origins? Or is it something else entirely? Nick Redfern addresses all of these questions in Man-Monkey and reveals a story that is as bizarre as it is macabre.



Sexual Deviants, Nazi Spies, Dangerous Loners, Communists, Drug Addicts, Traitors, And Monsters.

This is Hollywood Declassified.

It’s tough being rich and famous-stalked, photographed, hounded, and dissected. But obsessive celebrity watching has lurid history that began long before tabloid shutterbugs took their first shot. Here for the first time are the recently declassified celebrity files of the FBI, and CIA, and the military, giving the private dirt on the most “suspect, dangerous and immoral” public figures in the world-from George Burns to Andy Warhol.

EXPOSED! The panty parties and massive porn stash of comedian Lou Costello.

EXPOSED! Ernest Hemingway enlisted as a spy on behalf of the American Embassy.

EXPOSED! The sexual drives of our youth aroused beyond normalcy by Elvis Presley.

EXPOSED! Hollywood Honey Marilyn Monroe had shocking ties to Soviet Russia.

EXPOSED! Mysterious death of Princess Di a threat to national security.

What were the motivating factors behind the spying, the suspicions, and the accusations? What did those motivations actually reveal about the military, the CIA, the FBI, and the mood of the country? The answers make for a startling, insightful, astonishing, outrageous, sometimes shocking, and always controversial peek into the most secret of loves.

Here's where you can find out more on Celebrity Secrets.


On the Trail of the Saucer Spies covers one of the most enigmatic aspects of the whole UFO controversy - namely, that of the mysterious Men in Black, who reportedly terrorize into silence both UFO witnesses and UFO investigators. Well, they haven't got me yet!

Here's the link to the publisher's page on the book.

On the Trail of the Saucer Spies does not attempt to answer in detail the complex questions of what UFOs are, where they are from, or why there are here—there are countless titles available that focus upon these controversial issues.

Rather, it resolves the seldom-addressed questions of precisely why and how the official world is keeping a close watch on those individuals who engage in UFO research, or who are witnesses to UFO activity.

The truth-is-weirder-than-fiction examples recounted in these pages span more than half a century, and include all of the staple ingredients of the most controversial aspects of the UFO puzzle: crashed flying saucers, alien bodies held in cryogenic storage, black helicopters, crop circles, alien abductions (by alleged aliens and by
elements of the military), underground bases, animal mutilations, Government-sponsored disinformation campaigns, and even the exploits of the nefarious Men in Black.

As will become apparent, however, the full story also incorporates issues and organizations that—at first glance, at least—would appear to be totally unrelated to the UFO mystery. Ultra-fascist political organizations, the Irish Republican Army, communist-based groups, animal rights activists, computer hackers, Chinese Military Intelligence, and the North Korean Government ultimately prove to be pivotal to both understanding and unravelling the full picture of why a number of Governments take such a deep interest in the activities of those who look skyward.

Caveat lector: keep a close watch over your shoulder. “They” may be watching you,too.


Probably the most controversial book I have ever written, Body Snatchers in the Desert offered a theory that the world's most famous UFO incident - the notorious Roswell affair of July 1947 - may have had less to do with aliens, and far more to do with dark and dubious government experiments on human beings. It did not make me a popular character in the UFO research field!

Here's a link for more data on Body Snatchers.


Body Snatchers in the Desert exposes the darkest secret of the US Government—that a post-WW2 program used the deformed and crippled bodies of adults and children in biological and nuclear experiments. One test went awry and led to the rumors and cover-up of what has become known as the Roswell incident.

There was, in fact, no UFO crash with dead alien bodies at Roswell in 1947. And the Government’s recent explanation that it invovled nothing more unusual than a balloon to detect Soviet nuclear explosions is just the latest layer of the cover-up.

Body Snatchers in the Desert takes the reader on a journey from Japan to the heart of the New Mexico desert, from the famous Los Alamos Laboratories to the Pentagon and reveals what really happened: that an advanced, prototype aircraft built and flown by the US military crashed in the New Mexico desert and on-board were a number of human bodies that were exposed to the aircraft’s deadly radioactive cargo.

This wide ranging book encompasses tales of bizarre biological warfare tests; diabolical experiments undertaken on the bodies of deformed human beings by both Japanese and US scientists in the early-to-late 1940s; accounts and documents relating to test-flights by the US military of experimental, nuclear-powered aircraft in 1940s New Mexico; the whistleblower testimony of a variety of government and military personnel; a study of numerous officially released papers on the subject of atomic and biological research; and the disinformation operations designed to hide the sinister truth.

In Body Snatchers in the Desert, author Nick Redfern uncovers the gruesome and disturbing facts that have remained hidden for more than half a century.


Three Men Seeking Monsters is a Gonzo-style story of what can happen when three adventurers hit the road in search of Bigfoot, werewolves, lake-monsters and spectral black-dogs!

For additional information on Three Men, click on this link.

From the publisher, Paraview-Pocket Books:


They sought out the strange.
They investigated the inexplicable.
They had one hell of a hangover.

On an odyssey of oddities that would take them all to the very limits of their imagination (and inebriation), bestselling author Nick Redfern teamed up with professional monster-hunters Jonathan Downes and Richard Freeman.

For six weeks in the summer of 2001, the intrepid-yet-hard-partying trio rampaged across the remote wilds of Great Britain in hot pursuit of werewolves, lake monsters, giant cats, ghostly devil dogs, and ape-men.

Their adventures led them deep into ancient forests, into the dark corridors of a mansion hiding a wild man, and to the shores of the legendary Loch Ness -- along the way encountering all manner of curious characters, including witches, government agents, and eyewitnesses who claim to have seen monsters firsthand.

And only at journey's end did the hard questions posed at the start of their quest begin to reveal some mind-bending answers. That monsters truly do exist in our world. And that we are responsible for their existence!

Whether you're seeking a glimpse into the bizarre reaches of reality, or just looking for a good time, Three Men Seeking Monsters is a uniquely gonzo trek with a trio of adventurers who pushed themselves to the edge -- and went right over it.


Co-written with Andy Roberts, Strange Secrets is a detailed study of official government files on a wide range of Fortean phenomena, including ESP (in both people and animals); the Loch Ness Monster; Spontaneous Human Combustion; Crop Circles; UFOs; and much more.

Here's a link to further information on Strange Secrets.

From the publisher:


If you thought The X-Files was fiction, think again!

For as long as extraterrestrial and paranormal phenomena have been investigated, the official government response to any events deemed "otherworldly" or unexplainable has been well documented: DENIAL. Not because various governments aren't interested in UFOs, monsters, and psychic abilities -- but because they have their own secret agendas for using this knowledge.

In this thoroughly researched compendium of conspiracies and cover-ups, the remarkable findings that have been documented (and supposedly debunked) by the governments of the United States, Great Britain, and the former Soviet Union are finally revealed, including:

Attempts by the U.S. Air Force to build a fleet of nuclear-powered flying saucers...

The British military's files on the Loch Ness monster and other mysterious beasts...

The Cold War race between the CIA and the KGB to create the perfect psychic spy/assassin...

The real story behind the enigmatic "Men in Black," who terrify UFO witnesses into silence...

For anyone who wants to know the truth -- or the truth behind the truth -- Strange Secrets is the ultimate resource for understanding exactly what the government doesn't want us to know -- and why they want to keep us in the dark.


My third book, Cosmic Crashes was a controversial title that addressed the seldom-discussed area of crashed UFOs in Britain; including a case from the Second World War, and one from a large area of woodland in central England in early 1964.

For further data on Cosmic Crashes, click here.


The FBI Files is an examination of official FBI reports, documents and files covering a whole range of UFO-related issues, including Men in Black, Cattle-Mutilations, MJ12, UFO sightings, crashed UFOs and alien encounters.

For additional data, click on this link.


A Covert Agenda, originally published in 1997, was my first book, and is focused upon the history of the British Government's involvement in the UFO subject. Much of the book deals with official UFO reports declassified into the public domain in the late 1980s and early-to-mid 1990s.

For more information, click here.

From Paraview, who republished the book in 2004 for the U.S. market:


The British government didn’t want you to read the contents of Nick Redfern’s A Covert Agenda.

Redfern discovered that the British government has been tracking UFOs since 1947. The Ministry of Defence has documented and investigated hundreds of Royal Air Force, police, and public encounters with UFOs. But it has never acknowledged these activities and has deliberately prevented its citizens from discovering these UFO encounters. But according to Redfern, this conspiracy of silence is cracking. After decades of cover-up the truth can finally be told: UFOs are real and the British government knows it. In A Covert Agenda, Redfern reveals data from thousands of pages of previously classified files on the British government’s knowledge of the presence of UFOs. He also speculates on the origins of the UFO mystery and the implications of confirming an extra-terrestrial presence on our planet.