Friday, May 7, 2010


An Anglo-American trek in search of paranormal beasts, Bigfoot, werewolves, giant insects, flying monsters and more, There's Something in the Woods is a study of the diabolical creatures that lurk in the forests and the shadows - and, about which, you can learn much more right here.

The publisher - Anomalist Books - says:

Bigfoot? Check.

Phantom black dogs? Check.

Werewolves? Check.

Giant mystery birds? They’re here, too.

Toss in some haunted woods, spooky cemeteries, crop circles, and crashed UFOs and you’ve got Nick Redfern’s latest road trip across two continents for all things cryptozoological or otherwise mysterious. This is the third in a series of excursions into the occult fringe for the indefatigable Redfern.

It all started with Three Men Seeking Monsters, which Booklist called “lively and entertaining,” and was followed by Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, which his colleagues have called “wild and wooly” and “fascinating.”

Now, in this latest volume, Redfern defies all the laws of self-preservation and offers himself as bait in the face of the unknown – to learn, if indeed, There’s Something in the Woods.

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