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Probably the most controversial book I have ever written, Body Snatchers in the Desert offered a theory that the world's most famous UFO incident - the notorious Roswell affair of July 1947 - may have had less to do with aliens, and far more to do with dark and dubious government experiments on human beings. It did not make me a popular character in the UFO research field!

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Body Snatchers in the Desert exposes the darkest secret of the US Government—that a post-WW2 program used the deformed and crippled bodies of adults and children in biological and nuclear experiments. One test went awry and led to the rumors and cover-up of what has become known as the Roswell incident.

There was, in fact, no UFO crash with dead alien bodies at Roswell in 1947. And the Government’s recent explanation that it invovled nothing more unusual than a balloon to detect Soviet nuclear explosions is just the latest layer of the cover-up.

Body Snatchers in the Desert takes the reader on a journey from Japan to the heart of the New Mexico desert, from the famous Los Alamos Laboratories to the Pentagon and reveals what really happened: that an advanced, prototype aircraft built and flown by the US military crashed in the New Mexico desert and on-board were a number of human bodies that were exposed to the aircraft’s deadly radioactive cargo.

This wide ranging book encompasses tales of bizarre biological warfare tests; diabolical experiments undertaken on the bodies of deformed human beings by both Japanese and US scientists in the early-to-late 1940s; accounts and documents relating to test-flights by the US military of experimental, nuclear-powered aircraft in 1940s New Mexico; the whistleblower testimony of a variety of government and military personnel; a study of numerous officially released papers on the subject of atomic and biological research; and the disinformation operations designed to hide the sinister truth.

In Body Snatchers in the Desert, author Nick Redfern uncovers the gruesome and disturbing facts that have remained hidden for more than half a century.

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